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"At last! After years of work on my own and with less effective teachers, I am finally making music!  Victor listened to my playing and my interests, zeroed in on my needs, and gave me what I needed.  After not quite a year, my sense of rhythm, reading, comfort on the fingerboard, and musical confidence are at levels I've never experienced before. Music is fun again."

                           --Allan Mord, retired physicist

"I have been a student of Victor's for the past 2 1/2 years, and I am so fortunate to have found him. After being an avid electric guitar player for many years, Victor has opened up a new musical door for me, and I'm enjoying it immensely. Victor is by far the most dedicated teacher I have ever sat with, and he inspires me each lesson with his insight and expertise. Studying with him has absolutely made me a better musician...and after taking lessons for many years, I'm excited to master my new love, the classical guitar."

-- Alfred Dorrien


"I have been a student for only four months, but learning guitar is now my favorite class, and all thanks to Victor for making it a fun learning experience for me!"

                         --Ruhi, age 11

"I have been studying with Victor for many years, both when I was was working and since my retirement several years ago. During all these years and many sessions, Victor has consistently demonstrated patience, kindness, and appreciation for the limits of my ability. Moreover, I have witnessed him working with students across the age spectrum and seen him relate effectively with all. He is a virtuoso with the guitar and a master teacher!!!"

                        --Nathaniel Wechsler

"Having picked up the classical guitar at a late age, I have found Victor's continued patience keeps me engaged with the learning process." 

                      --Andrew Kalfas, retired, student 

           since approximately 2012


"I have been a student for almost 3 years.  Victor is a passionate teacher of his craft.  His patience and ability to guide has been very rewarding. Right away he got where my ear was drawn to and has been able to build my playing repertoire to assist with my longterm goals as a guitarist."

    --Rae Dileo, Digital Studio  

                  Manager/Recording Engineer

"Simply put, Victor is a master teacher!  His goal is to help his students embrace their own musicality and to help create moments in the music that make it a compelling experience for both the player and the listener. In the fifteen years that I have studied with him he has never lost sight of this important aspect of playing. Victor has a “Can Do” attitude and delights in finding alternative solutions for musical passages that present a challenge for his students.  His breadth and depth of knowledge with regards to the guitar is extraordinary!  As a high school band director, I have referred many of my own students to Victor for private study.” 

--Jeanine Erickson, instrumental music

teacher and student since 2003